If You’re Reading This It’s NOT Too Late To Boost Your Personal Brand

Fall is here! The Fall season is normally the main season for change, and new beginnings. In this season, we have a few more months to evolve before the new year starts.

It’s time to work hard, work smarter, meet new people, learn a new skill, and just lean in. With the end of the summer approaching, I know you are probably thinking, where in the heck did the time go?! It seems like the days are flying right past our eyes and sometimes it can be frustrating when we think that time is the exact thing that what we do not have on our side. If you are feeling confused, helpless, and are losing hope on meeting your personal or professional goals, please stop worrying because it is never too late.

It is never too late to receive a new opportunity or to further develop yourself. I truly believe that with an effective personal brand, you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Here are a few ways that you can boost your confidence, and perfect your personal brand:

Be more social

If you are not on the popular social media sites, get on them and be active. Connect with like-minded people even if you don’t know them personally. If you are active and engage with your followers, you will gain a valuable, virtual relationship with them.

Learn from your past mistakes

We have all made mistakes in the past, and often times we know the cause of it. Learn from what you did wrong; whether that means changing bad habits that you have or changing the team that you hang out with, do what you have to do to make a positive change.

Create a killer resume

When you start a new job or obtain new skills or experience, update it on your resume. You should always have a master resume that includes all of your work experience, and then also a resume or two that is reflective of the industry that you would like to work in. Also, get a LinkedIn profile and make sure you paper resume matches your LinkedIn profile.

Get business cards

Nowadays, there are so many online companies that will allow you to create personalized resumes for a low fee. Your business card doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should have the following on it:your full name, social media link, phone number, and email.That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep your business cards in your wallet, and also in your car. You never know when you will be out and will meet someone that you can connect with.

 Create a web resume

There are plenty of sites like WordPress that allow you to create custom sites for a low fee. These sites are very easy to use, and you can even watch tutorials on how to create a website on YouTube. Don’t forget to purchase your own domain!

 Get an elevator pitch if you don’t have one, and practice it often

When I was in graduate school, the most valuable class that I took was on personal branding and in the class we studied the idea of having an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is simply a short statement that discusses who you are, your purpose, and what you have to offer. Generally, an elevator pitch should be 30 seconds or less. This may sound easy, but trust me it’s not! Generate your elevator pitch and practice in front of friends and family and demand genuine feedback.

Do you have any personal branding suggestions?