I’m Starting A Podcast & Other Updates

It feels like everyone is starting a podcast, right? Well, go ahead and add me to the mix.

The Podcast

It’s called The Creative Millennial Podcast because that’s what I am. I’m a millennial navigating this thing called life while trying to live and create as much as I can. Although I’m a millennial I’ll be interviewing creatives from all walks of life. My goal is to learn as much as I can from their success and mistakes along with my listeners. I’ll also have solo episodes where I talk about life, manifesting, and online creativity. It’s dropping in March 2017.

So far I’ve interviewed an amazing black woman who creates custom textiles, a suit designer, a published author, a salsa studio owner, a fashion blogger + photography studio owner, and I still have more interviews this month!

If you think of any amazing creatives I should interview let me know in the comments or by email ( I don’t care about age or gender but I’m looking for people doing awesome creative things.

Also like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter to stay in the loop when I drop the first episode. You can always join my personal email list as well. I recommend it to be honest. ????


One of my goals is to start hosting events all over the country this year. I already have a lot of info about where the readers of this blog live and all that but if you would be so kind and fill out this quick survey it will help a lot when I’m determining where to go and what type of events to host.

Custom Websites + Branding

So many of you have reached out to me about wanting to start a website but not knowing where to begin. We have a lot of resources on this blog to help but I’m adding one more to the mix. If you want a website but don’t know how to build one or where to start BGB is going to start building them custom for you on WordPress! If you want to be one of the first to get this offer sign up for a special email list by clicking this link.

Blog Critiques

For those of you who already have a blog I’m now offering blog critiques. I did a few hundred for free a few weeks ago if you remember but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do one for everyone. There was just such a time constraint. While doing these I realized that I wanted to do more detailed critiques and reviews and give special attention to everyone. Right now I’m committing to doing 20 a month. These will be way, way more detailed than the free critiques of course and they include a 30 minute consultation to talk about your blog over the phone or through video. Get more details right here.

In the upcoming months I’ll also launch a merchandise collection, a few courses, and some ebooks. A lot will be free but some stuff will be paid as well.

What would you like to see on BGB? <—- That rhymed!

I'm the Founder & Creative Director of this community. In my spare time I write on my my personal blog and make youtube videos. I also have a podcast called The Creative Millennial where I interview cool women. I love to eat, hate to cook, and shop too much. Join the movement and let me support you!