How to Increase Your Positive Energy

Like a lot of people, I tend to be a little down in the winter months. This can be contributed to day light savings, the cold, less sunshine, etc. Since you may be feeling a little drained right now, here are some ways to help you regain your happy positive energy and have a better week.

Smudge your space

I suggest using sage as it is such a cleansing herb. Palo Santo wood is also great, and smells really good. I recommend getting a smudge stick or burning some dried leaves of it in your house with the windows open. This will allow the negativity to leave your space and draw in positivity and light.

Go outdoors

The best place to be when you are down or depressed is outdoors. The fresh air and sunshine will help to cleanse you and get your energy levels back up. Enjoy mother nature’s beauty in  your local park or trail but make sure to stay warm.

Bath in epsom salt

Salt is a great way to cleanse your body. Draw a bath and add a cup or two of epsom salts to it.

Use Oils

Essential oils are also a great way to rid yourself of bad energy. You can get them in a candle or wax warmer, or add them to your epsom bath, your favorite lotion, or essential oil blend. If you chose to do the latter, please be sure not to apply them directly to your skin as they may cause allergic reactions or irritation. Mix a few drops with your favorite plant carrier oil such as sunflower or sesame. Suggested oils that are uplifting include the bright crisp citrus scents: Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, and Tangerine. Others include members of the mint family: Peppermint, Spearmint and Pennyroyal.


Find a guided meditation online if you are new to meditation, or just sit in a quiet space and focus on surrounding yourself with bright light, positivity and happiness.


Surround yourself with things or people that make your laugh or feel good.


Get your negative feelings out on paper. Take it a step further and burn the pages after to rid the universe of the thoughts. Replace those feelings with happy ones, and write out all the things you are happy and grateful for.


Prayer works! Pray for peace, happiness and serenity. Ask your (God, angels, higher being) for strength.

Do or say something nice to someone else

Passing on the positivity always makes things better. Do a random act of kindness, or just compliment someone randomly. Put good things out to get good back in return!

Hope this helps. Never forget that whatever you are feeling, it will pass. Have an amazing day!