What I’ve Learned As The Brown Girl Blogger’s Editor

I’ve been an editor for over two years but the past seven months as BGB’s editor has challenged me more than any job before it.


Because I care.

That’s not to say I don’t care about my client’s projects, but those projects aren’t personal to me the way this site is.When editing something for a client’s site or even looking at a writer’s proposal for a client’s site I ask myself things like:

– Will this be good for their site?

– Will their audience be receptive to this?

– Will people share it?

Those are questions any editor would ask about the content being posted on a site they’re responsible for, but when it comes to BGB I struggle with doing exactly that.

I created BGB because I didn’t see anything like this online. I wanted a community where I could meet minority women who blog and have them be receptive to my friendship. I wanted a community where the size of a blogger’s audience didn’t matter and everyone got a chance to be heard. I wanted a community of women who lifted each other up instead of competing with and tearing each other down.

Thankfully I got that, but I also got the responsibility of educating the bloggers and writers who read this blog everyday (thank you btw!)

If you want the truth, I had no idea this blog would have as many page views as it does. I thought I was going to throw a blog roll up, put some posts out and catch the attention of a few people. Of course I hoped people would read it but I’ve always been one to get inside my own head.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of pitches from bloggers who want to write for BGB. Every time I get an email with a pitch it puts a smile on my face. My original plan was to accept every single pitch that comes my way because I want every blogger to have a voice but it’s recently been bought to my attention that I have to take a step back and reevaluate my strategy.

Since so many of you support this site it’s my job to only give you quality content that I think will benefit you. That means I can’t accept pitches from bloggers who need to work on their writing or who have opinions that may harm my reader’s self worth. As an editor it should be my job to clean up an article not rewrite it.

I’m one of those “too nice” people and it’s hard for me to say no but I have to. I’ve got to start treating this blog like it matters because it does.

Thankfully, this has given me two great ideas. Since a lot of women blog to show off their passions (which may not be writing) you’ll see more articles on the basics of writing here. If you have specific questions please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly at I have to fully flesh out the second idea so I’ll wait to announce it for a month or two. The list aka our newsletter subscribers will know first so make sure to sign up below.

I want to take what I know and pass it on to you ladies and I want to learn from you as well.

Don’t let this article deter you from pitching to us. Click here for the guideline.

Thanks for reading my rambles. See you next week!


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