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This is the place to…

learn how to become a better blogger by honing your writing, photography, and marketing skills. We’re here for everyone from the hobby blogger to the full time career blogger. We’re focusing on things like writing, Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, and Canva. This is where you come when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you’re supposed to do as a blogger and need to vent. This is the place to share memes, crack jokes, and be vulnerable. This is the place to ask the scary business questions about taxes, paying yourself, or what investments you should make.

This isn’t  the place to…

equate your worth with your career or blog. You’re more than that. We’re focused on happiness, dedication, and community… all the things that will bring your financial and emotional abundance. This isn’t the place where we pretend like you need to quit your 9-5 and become an entrepreneur to be a “real” blogger. Quite honestly there are several ways to have success online. Some ways involve doing it full-time while others do not. In this community we don’t pretend or oversell or lie. This is a place of truth. If that’s something you want… you’ll love it here. 

A Message From Our Founder

First, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this community. If you’ve been here since the beginning or if today is your first visit I truly appreciate you. I worked really hard to ensure that the membership area is valuable, personal, and real. If you hold those values dear I know you’ll be an amazing member.

I know that to truly turn this community into all it can be I need your help which is where membership comes in. This membership area will allow me to help many more of you. It’ll also ensure that I can pay writers, photographers, and host events all over the country… and I hope to eventually expand abroad. If you have any questions never hesitate to reach out and again, I want to thank you so, so much.



BGB Membership Benefits

Public Directory

Every member has the ability to add themselves to our public directory so that others can find their blogs. Our directory is broken down by category and each month a few members from the directory will be featured on our social media channels.

Facebook Group

In our private group we'll be focused on weekly accountability, idea creation, and personal connections with each other. You'll find your blogging tribe and have a more personal connection with your peers.


Each member is entered into a monthly drawing to receive a free 60 minute blog and branding session with Candice VanWye, Founder of Brown Girl Bloggers. There will be 2 winners each month.

Stock Photography

At the beginning of each month members will be emailed 7-10 stock photos featuring women of color. Members will also be able to download 5 extra photos from our stock photography site where we have original and curated images that are updated each throughout each month.


Every month we'll add new downloads. Our download library will include: ebooks, wallpapers, prints, cards, calendars, and checklists. Members also have the option to add downloads to promote their brands.


Members get 20% off all of our courses as well as access to what we call Mini Courses. These will be short tutorials on things you want to know about photography, building a website, a so much more.

Office Hours

During our weekly office hours members will have the chance to make suggestions and ask specific blogging/content creation questions. Office hours will be held at different times each week so that all members can take advantage regardless of timezone.

Q & A Sessions

Each month we'll be joined by an influential blogger, entrepreneur, or women with an amazing job to talk about life, love, and business. Members are encouraged to suggest women that they admire.

Writing Prompts

No more writer's block. Members will receive writing prompts twice a month to help generate blog post ideas. We'll share the best responses on social media and members have the option to critique each other's writing.

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