Love The Life You Live

Lately my life has been shaping up to become a beautiful thing. I love my job (which is this company full time now ☺️)  and my husband loves his job as well. We’re both working full-time but somehow we seem to have more time for ourselves and each other. When we first decided to transition to the life we’re living now everyone around us was skeptical.

It was scary to quit our jobs and move across the country but it all worked out. I had to have a couple really long talks with myself about what I wanted to accomplish prior to the leap. They went something like:

It’s time to put yourself first.

Don’t settle for living like everyone expects you to.

Stop playing it safe.

If you wake up every morning to go to a job that you hate… change it. You shouldn’t hate the thing you spend the most of your time doing. Remember that despite what society says, you can love the work you do.

Choose your health and your happiness.

Choose discipline so that tomorrow is better than today.

Try something new. Laugh more.

Celebrate your family and friends.

Consume less and live more.

Support your creativity through any means necessary.

Take walks and eat good food.


If you want to move… move!

Live where you want, do what you want.

Love your life.

I'm the Founder & Creative Director of this community. In my spare time I write on my my personal blog and make youtube videos. I also have a podcast called The Creative Millennial where I interview cool women. I love to eat, hate to cook, and shop too much. Join the movement and let me support you!