How To Make More Time For Blogging

Time is a nonrenewable resource. You get 24 hours a day and you get to decide every day how you will spend those hours. For many of us, in addition to blogging, we have jobs to go to, a boss to report to, children to care for, and other obligations that need our time. None of us are Beyonce, which is to say, we don’t have the luxury of delegating certain tasks to this assistant or that employee. We’re here by ourselves hustling, trying to make the most of our 24 hours. So, in this post I want to talk through a few ways you can carve out more time for your blog.

Reduce your TV intake. Research shows that the average American watches more than five hours of live TV every day. That’s a lot of TV watching if you ask me. I know after a long day of at work and/or school you’re tired as hell. All you want is to take off your bra, grab a bite to eat and de-stress in front of the TV. But, if you want to take your blog to the next level, you may have to cut back on the amount of TV you watch per day. Rather than watching back-to-back episodes of [insert your favorite TV show here], watch it later On Demand, DVR it, or watch the rerun when it airs on the weekend and spend that time scheduling blog posts on social media, responding to blog post comments or emails, or drafting a new posts.

Turn off your phone. This may sound drastic and perhaps impossible if you’re someone who checks her Instagram feed incessantly or tweets constantly throughout the day. But I am here to tell you, this trick works! A couple times a week, especially when I have deadlines to meet, I put my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and then throw it inside my desk drawer for hours. Initially, I feel angst because I’m worried that I’ll miss an urgent email or text but honestly, I rarely miss anything. In fact, when I check my social media feeds, emails, and texts after I’m finished, I haven’t gotten a single notification. If you’re looking for more time to complete blog-related tasks, I suggest turning your phone off or just silencing it for a few hours until you accomplish one task and see if you miss anything super important. You probably won’t.

Use your weekends wisely. After working all week, many of us want nothing more than to sleep in, hang out and do the fun stuff that we typically can’t do because of our jobs and other adult obligations. But the hard truth is, when you have a blog or any side hustle or passion project, you have to be willing to sacrifice your time and energy — often. Sometimes this requires skipping that party you wanted to turn up at or waking up early on a Saturday morning to write a week’s worth of blog posts. Certainly this is not fun or pretty, but it is necessary if you want your blog to grow and be successful.

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Do you think these are realistic/applicable tips that you could use to make more time for blogging? How do you make time for blogging? Any tips or tricks you would add to this list?

Drea is a Chicago-based freelance writer and lifestyle blogger at The Drea Daily. She's obsessed with coffee, books and blogs, handbags, and lipstick. When she's not blogging, you can likely catch her tweeting about something on Twitter @DreaEHall.