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I’m Candice VanWye, the Head Blogger In Charge here at BGB. To learn more about me and this blog check out the about page.

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Here’s a breakdown of everything you can do on Brown Girl Bloggers besides check out our blog.

Work With Brands

We have some opportunities for members in our community to work on campaigns, sponsored posts and/or live events with brands. Our mission is to help more minority women get paid so if you’re interested in this be sure you’re registered and have a fully completed profile.

User Profiles

Once registered you will be able to fill out a comprehensive profile. Some items on the profile will only be seen by admins.

It’s important for you to fill out the entire profile and keep it up to date if you are a blogger who wants to work with brands. When companies contact us about working with bloggers in this community we will pull information from your profile to determine if you might be a good fit. Although members will automatically get an email with info on campaigns and a way to apply, we will sometimes contact members specifically if we think a campaign is a perfect fit so this is really important.

If you register for an account with us we may contact you about working with our partners for a brand partnership. If you accept a brand partnership through us we may share the information you’ve given us with brands to facilitate the partnership. We will always communicate this with you.

When you give us your email you consent to receive emails from us. You may unsubscribe from our email list at all times.

Promote Your Blog Here

Once you become a member of the site you will be able to promote your blog on your profile under the activity tab. We recommend plugging your new posts by adding the title, a short summary and an image. This way other members will be able to see your posts and click on them if interested. This will also be a great way for you to discover new bloggers.

Forums And Groups

This site has both a forum and group section. These groups are blog categories and you can make your own groups as well. We think this will be a great way for you all to trade tips, ask questions and encourage one another. You can add a group under the groups tab at the top of the page.

A Job Board

Small business owners should contact us at info at if they are interested in posting a job on our job board. If you’re a blogger looking for a designer for your blog or something similar it will be free to post on our job boards. The posts will also be tweeted and added to Instagram.

Submit Posts

In an effort to help you expand your audience we will be allowing you to submit posts to the blog. Unlike before these can be posts that were published on your blog although preference will be given to new content.

The posts you submit need to be well written. We reserve the right to publish or deny any post. If we don’t think our audience will find the post useful it will not be published. We will edit each post for grammar and style so it may change a bit from what you submitted but we will  never change the meaning of your words.

The posts do not have to be about blogging although blogging topics are always welcomed. They can be about anything our audience will find interesting including: beauty, fashion, food, photography, etc. Make sure it’s a great representation of you so that when people read it they are more inclined to check your blog out.

You have to be a member and signed in to submit a post which you can do by clicking here.


If you haven’t already we encourage you to register because we have a lot of awesome things coming!

Thank you so much for checking us out.

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Candice VanWye