Procrastination Ends Here: 10 Tips To Overcome The Resistance To Write

It happens to the best of us—even those of us who’ve dreamed of being writers our entire lives. Every now and then, or, more often than we’d like to admit, we don’t feel like writing. We want to produce great blog posts, but don’t actually want to write them.

Yet, we can’t constantly allow procrastination eat away precious blogging time. We are busy bloggers with lots of goals to accomplish. So use these 10 tips to kick procrastination and crank out those fabulous writing ideas

Kick it old school with pen and paper. Sometimes typing on the computer feels intimidating.  Old-fashioned pen and paper sometimes helps get the ideas flowing. It switches up our mode of writing from a formalized computer to a more casual notepad. And with pen and paper, you can draw pictures and create brainstorm webs. By the time I’m done, my paper is a mess full of arrows and circled paragraphs and underlined words. But there are good ideas there that I could use later.

Dangle a carrot. Treat yourself once you’ve accomplished your writing goal for the day. Getting that blog post done might be just the excuse—I mean incentive—you need to purchase those strappy heels you’ve had your eye on. A pedicure might also be nice. I’ve got Vanilla Swiss Almond Haagen Dazs ice cream waiting for me in the freezer when I wrap up this post.

Set a time limit. Promise yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted writing time and set an alarm on your phone. Come on—you can manage 30 minutes or maybe an hour. And, if you’re on a roll after your alarm goes off, you may not even want to stop.

Take baby steps. Just write the first paragraph—that’s all. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started.

Go public. Get up from your bed, desk, or usual writing area and change up your scenery. I have to admit, I procrastinate by dancing in front of my living room mirror. So getting out of my house and into Starbucks means that I’m in public and people are expecting me to act civilized. So I’m forced to sit down and write.

Use the top posts section of your blog as inspiration. I feel intimated when I compare myself to others, so instead, I compare myself to myself. I look at the Top Posts section of my blog to remind me of what an awesome writer I am.

Create a physical reminder of your past successes. Create a vision board to post on the wall of the room where you write. Or, create a poster with your favorite writing quotes. Draft up a list with all of your by-lines, good ideas, or publications you want to write for and use any of those posts for inspiration. Or create a list of places where you’ve been published and stick that on your wall.

Create an editorial calendar to hold yourself accountable.  My calendar guilt trips me into getting things done on time. If you have a full list of posts to write for the month, you better get cranking on them now.

Become your own therapist. Answer these questions: Why don’t I want to write? What am I afraid of? How do I feel about my writing?

Sometimes we writers procrastinate because we’re afraid of something: not being good enough, failure, etc. Once we shine some light on the reason we’re avoiding our blogs, we can remind ourselves of our successes and power through.

Think about what you’ll get out of it. Instead of being afraid of failure, or whatever fear is keeping you from writing, think about your goals. Think about how each posts brings you closer to your writing goals. Successful people think successful thoughts.

What do you do to curb procrastination?