A Few Rules For Commenting on Blog Posts

There are no hard and fast rules to blogging. However, when it comes to leaving comments on blog posts, I believe there are some guidelines that bloggers should follow. Here are a few rules for commenting on blog posts:

Read the post first. Before you decide to scroll down to leave a comment, I beg of you, please read (not skim) the whole post so that you know what it’s about. I see people leaving comments just to be leaving them, and it’s always obvious they haven’t read a single sentence of the post because their comment is either off-topic or a mere copy and paste of what someone’s already stated. Which brings me to my next rule…

Review other comments. If you’re reading a post that’s garnered a fair amount of comments, then what you have to say has probably already been stated. That’s why it’s important to read the other comments before leaving your own. If someone has already said what you wanted to say, you can either push the dialogue further by responding to that commenter’s comment or by finding something else to say about the post. It’s pointless to parrot what ten other people have already said because doing so doesn’t advance the discussion much.

Be nice about it. Most bloggers put in work to create meaningful content, so yes, we tend to be sensitive about our sh*t. If you don’t have anything nice to say about a blogger’s post, then close the tab and move along. This, however, should not be confused with disagreeing with a blogger. If you disagree with what a blogger has written, the comment section is not where you go to air your grievances about something she’s published on her blog. If the post she wrote was that personally offensive to you, either address the blogger in a private email or let it go.

Leave a link to your blog. I often go back and forth with myself about whether or not to leave my blog URL after a comment. Most of the time, I do leave a link to my blog because I want the blogger (and her readers) to check out my blog after reading my comment. I feel justified in doing so because I know that I rarely write hollow, one-line comments. Some have argued that leaving your blog URL at the end of your comment is unnecessary if your blog is already linked to your name. But my thought is this: If you write a thoughtful, well-crafted comment about the post and you’re a relatively unknown blogger who’s trying to get your name/blog out there, leaving a link to your blog should be acceptable. You’re just trying to get exposure for your blog while showing support to another blogger, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In blogging there’s a lot of give and take. So, if you want me to take the time to comment on your posts, then the least you could do is give me the space to promote my blog.

What rules for commenting on blog posts would you add to this list? Any rules mentioned above that you disagree with? I’m all ears. Leave your comment below.

Drea is a Chicago-based freelance writer and lifestyle blogger at The Drea Daily. She's obsessed with coffee, books and blogs, handbags, and lipstick. When she's not blogging, you can likely catch her tweeting about something on Twitter @DreaEHall.