Six Ways To Drive Traffic To Old Blog Posts

If you blog regularly you probably have a ton of old content that new readers might want to discover. Unfortunately most readers aren’t going to spend hours going through your archives. Instead of hoping your readers read the old (and awesome) posts you’ve written you should bring them front and center again. Make sure you’ve cleaned up your old posts and after doing so implement a few of my suggestions.

Revive Old Post (or similar plugin) 

I’m not sure if Blogger has this option but on WordPress there are many plugins that can drive traffic to old posts by tweeting posts from your archives every few hours. I would recommend every 6, 8 or 12 hours so that you don’t overwhelm your followers. We use Revive Old Posts but you should do your research and choose the plugin that’s best for you.

Add Popular Posts To Your Sidebar Or Homepage

Look at your analytics to see which posts have done extremely well on your blog and add a list of them to your sidebar. You can also do this by using a plugin on WordPress or a widget on Blogger.

Deep Link To Old Posts In Current Posts

We do this all the time. I even did it in yesterday’s post on stock photos. If you’ve written on a certain subject in the past or you’re writing and realize your post ties into something you’ve written about previously make sure to deep link it.

Use P.S. At The End Of Your Posts

Drea is really good at doing this. She routinely adds P.S. at the end of her posts to drive traffic to similar or interesting posts.

Use A Related Posts Plugin

If you’ll notice at the end of this post we have a list of posts you may also like along with thumbnails. We use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin to add these to the end of each post. There are many plugins to choose from and both WordPress and Blogger have this option.

Create A Roundup Of Posts

You can do a monthly roundup or a roundup featuring posts from a certain category. Many bloggers do this to drive traffic to their old posts. Be careful that you don’t do too many because they might annoy your readers.

What would you add to this list?

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