Sometimes You Just Need A Break

Today I’ve written 5 posts and it’s only 11:30 in the morning. I’ve sent out the BGB newsletter, washed a few loads of laundry, planned our first meet up, researched planning a conference and spent some QT time with my husband.

I woke up at 5am this morning ready to conquer the world which is funny considering the fact that I couldn’t write one word for the past two weeks or so.

Every morning I would sit down at my desk ready to write but instead my day would go a little like Leanne’s post from Monday. It was a combination of procrastinating because I’m a perfectionist and not being motivated because I let little failures get to me.

No matter what techniques I tried to get my inspiration back I couldn’t quite seem to catch it so on Tuesday I decided to stop.

I stopped worrying about work, blog stats, the feeling that I’m not doing enough and everything else plaguing me.

Once I stopped worrying and started living life my anxiety left me little by little. I also started meditating first thing in the morning which has helped so much.

Last night I tried to write again and it wasn’t working out so I went out with friends instead.

I had a blast and when I woke up this morning I was had a ton of ideas in my head.

I’m so glad I’ve gotten my inspiration back and I think a lot of it had to do with my stress levels.

Once I stopped trying to force it I got it back.

Sometimes you don’t need anything except take a break from it all.

Have you ever taken a break from your blog? Did it help or hurt?

PS: Expect an announcement about the first BGB Meet Up very soon.

PPS: This post was written on Thursday March 26, 2015 

Author: Candice VanWye

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  • I took 3 months off from my blog – and actually all things related to my business. I just couldn’t keep it going. I had an event mid-Sept and by the end of it I was so burned out, uninspired and questioned my purpose and direction in life. Turns out it was the best thing I did as I gained such clarity on my next steps and what I want to achieve personally and through my blog. It gave me a much needed break from what the world was telling me I need to do and who I needed to be and I was able to hear my own voice and needs. I recently saw a video where a lady was talking about her obsession with creating the perfect morning ritual – she eventually found what worked for her – simply asking herself every morning “What do I need today?”. I think this is something we rarely stop to ask ourselves, instead we focus on what we think our blog and the rest of world needs from us, neglecting the most important needs – our own.

  • I really need to tell myself this.

  • Your life has to come first sometimes. That’s understandable.

  • Girl if it isn’t your job don’t feel bad. Hobbies shouldn’t leave you stressed.

  • This!!

  • I like to write during the spurts and then put out a few each week.

  • Thanks for reading. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging that’s why I think you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself unless it’s your job.

  • Girl I don’t know where it came from. Lol

  • Yeah, I took a break and just realized I haven’t posted a blog entry since March 8? MARCH 8?!?! This perfectionist-procrastination curse is for the birds. Wait, did you say you wrote FIVE posts by 11:30 a.m?! Why I’ve never…But I wish I could!

  • I took most of March off of blogging, which I feel horrible about. I just got back to blogging consistently in December and I had a good momentum going(I stopped because of a busy schedule with school). I jumped back in with a game plan on when to write posts so I can just schedule them…..and then life happened. Finishing up my senior year as an undergrad, being a wife, and just life in general has taken up ALL of my time! It’s tough trying to maintain your blog, especially if you want it to succeed. For April, I’m determined to get back to it! Thanks for this post!

  • The longest break I’ve taken has been maybe 7-10 days but I’m a new blogger still and don’t want to lose my momentum. But I do think my writing comes in spurts, like some days I’ll want to write a bunch of posts and some days I don’t want to write any.

  • Breaks = very necessary! I had to go from posting 2x a week to once a week, and I may have to take a break within the coming weeks as I get busier. We’ve got to maintain our sanity, creativity, and peace of mind. Life’s all about balance.

  • I just recently took a break for the month of March. I felt bad about it though; inconsistent. I felt like I was being lazy but maybe it was something I needed to become re-inspired. Now I feel refreshed almost as if I can crack these knuckles and get back to work! Great post. Love the transparency of it.

  • I took a small break when I went from working part time to full time. Of course it felt weird not blogging but it was a good break. I thought about new series to start and ideas and just got adjusted to my new schedule.

  • That’s my problem. I think BGB will explode if I dare take a break from it which isn’t the case.

  • Sometimes I take mental breaks from my blog but I keep the content going since I only post 1x a week. I think sometime we get so overwhelmed we think things will fall a part if we take a break. But its necessary.

  • I took a month break from my blog. It helped me. I think it gave my readers a chance to miss my posts and it gave me time to really live and not worry about the weather etc to shoot OOTD posts.