Steps To A Healthy Mental State

In today’s society, “being healthy” is a buzz phrase. There are countless articles about how to lose weight and how to get in shape but amongst all the tips out there about living your best life, there is a fundamental part of the whole health process that seems to continuously be ignored – mental health.

This year we have heard about some of the greatest stars taking their lives bringing about sad conclusions to stories that ended too soon. Suicide is an act by someone who has endured some kind of sadness, hopelessness or personal disappointment/loss that leads them to believe that the only solution is to end their life.

A greater emphasis on the importance and power of strong mental health is needed because truly, the mind is where the battle starts and ends for us all. Not all people suffering from mental health issues take their lives, but many (too many) do. Even those who seem to have it all, like co-founder of the widely successful Miss Jessie natural hair care line who committed suicide earlier this month, often time deal with the greatest feelings of loneliness and inadequacies which can lead to hopelessness.

Understand that steps can be taken to ensure that you have a healthy mental state. One step is to find fulfillment in your life. We all go through times when we feel useless and lost. Understanding what you are good at doing or what you find happiness in doing and seeking ways to incorporate those things into your life will give you a sense of pride and worth. It is all about positivity. Find that which makes your soul smile.

Next, it is imperative to connect with others. Don’t isolate yourself from others. Push to connect with others and find someone in whom you can confide. Tell them you feel like a loser. Let them know you are mentally exhausted. Don’t neglect the power of human contact.

Finally, look at the bigger picture. Spend time thinking about what you want out of life and take baby steps to get there. Make a plan to achieve whatever goal you have in your heart. Write them down and often. This will give you hope, something to look forward to and to work toward.

There is a plethora of ways to a healthy and satisfying mental state. It’s important to take the steps needed to be a whole a person, both body AND mind.