Stop Comparison: 5 Tips To Help You Be A More Confident Blogger

We have all come to the point in our journey where we begin to compare ourselves to other bloggers. You see that other blogs have more followers, more advertisers, or more comments than you. In your opinion, they are doing well. You start reading over their content and you start to think that you need to write more creatively, explore other niches, or change something about your blog in order to obtain your perception of their success. You start to doubt what you’re currently doing and may even go as far as taking a hiatus from blogging completely. Even though we all may get to this point, it is extremely important that we don’t stay in that place.

Here are a few ways to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers:

Remember why you started

We all began blogging for a particular reason. Whether it was to share finance tips, fashion advice, beauty reviews, etc. There was a premise and a vision that prompted you to start your blog. When you start seeing other blogs that you think are doing better than you; change your thinking. They are not doing better than you. They are doing well at their purpose. If you focus on your specific purpose, you can excel as well. Don’t compare apples to oranges. Someone succeeding in their niche doesn’t mean that they are doing better or worse than you are doing in yours. Keep your purpose first and work it! If you are a fashion blogger, make sure you know everything about fashion, follow everyone in fashion, and write damn good about your fashion.

Be confident

It’s never cute to be insecure. That’s in life and in blogging. After you remember why you started, be confident in your ability to write about your expertise. A lot of blogs may have the same niche, but they don’t all have the same perspective. Your voice will always be unique for as long as you stay true to yourself. Your confidence will come across in your posts. If you maintain your confidence in what you do, what the next person is doing will no longer matter.

Get Active

One of the great things about being a blogger is that it is a community. There are wonderful movements such as Brown Girl Bloggers who bring together women who already have commonalities. Take advantage of this and network. If you come across a blog that you perceive as being successful, reach out and see if you can write a guest post. Not only will this allow you to contribute to their outlet, but it is a way to promote yourself and direct traffic to your site. If you meet a fellow blogger in your area, it’s a great way to connect and collaborate on future projects.

Set Goals

What is life without goals? The same applies to your blog. A great away to stop comparing yourself is to set your own goals. With the New Year approaching, take the time to reflect and write down what you would like to accomplish with your blog. Print it out and set it as your computer background so that every time you long on, you will see it. By setting your own goals and working towards them, you will start to see your own successes.

Evaluate Your Progress

Every 6 months, review your goals and evaluate how close you are to achieving them. Hold yourself accountable to what you said you would do.

I hope these pointers have helped not only stop comparisons to other blogs, but assist in bettering your own.

What do you do when you find yourself comparing?