Submit Photography

Bloggers of color need quality pictures!

Did you know we’re now offering stock photography to the members of this community?

If you are a photographer and want to learn more about this opportunity email with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • A link to your website, photography portfolio, or social media account of choice
  • A Dropbox or Google Drive link to the photos you are submitting to us. 


  • Models MUST be people of color. 
  • Images must be high resolution.
  • If your pictures are accepted you are agreeing to our contributor agreement.


  • We pay a fee for each photo you submit.
  • Members of the community will have access to this photo to use on their blogs and as such they will be royalty free. If there are models in your pictures you have to have a model release. 
  • Non-members will be able to download your pictures for a fee. You will receive 50% of the download price for each picture downloaded at the end of the month. 
  • You will be paid through Paypal. 


This photography service is a budget service for bloggers. Our pictures are not expensive because most bloggers can’t afford expensive pictures. We’re not doing this to make a ton of money but to provide quality images to minority bloggers. This is best for photographers who want to make some extra cash.