The Dos & Don’ts Of Perfecting Your Online Presence

Ahhh, the dreaded “online presence” talk. The old “personal branding” spiel. It’s something you can’t go a day without hearing if you’re a blogger. I know you might be tired of hearing it but as a young woman branding herself online I thought I’d talk about it with you anyway. Below I’m giving you my personal do’s and don’ts when it comes to online branding. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

Do Be Authentic.

This is especially important if you’re a blogger or “personality.” We want to know the real you. That means it’s ok to tell us your random thoughts sometimes or to crack a joke or tweet about a TV show. It makes you human. You should obviously use discretion and stay away from controversial topics unless that’s your thing.

Don’t Share Too Much.

One word: Drama. Keep it offline at all times. Obviously you might have the occasional complaint or troll but don’t talk bad about your job, career or other people online. It makes you look messy and you’ll get less respect. Yes, we know things annoy you but we don’t want to know what those things are. Also, be careful of the pictures you share. Sometimes people make it weird. Don’t let that be you.

Do Understand How Different Online Platforms Work.

Don’t treat Twitter like an extension of Facebook. Realize that people don’t care about long drawn out Instagram captions (some exceptions apply.) Know what’s appropriate to share on LinkedIn. It’s very simple. Don’t embarass yourself.

Don’t Join Every Platform Just Because.

You want to be active and engaged online so if you only need to focus on one or two social media platforms that’s ok. It’s better than having an Instagram that hasn’t been touched for months

Do Keep Your Story Consistent.

I guess this is a nice way of saying don’t lie. It’s so unbecoming if someone Googles you only to find that you lied about how long you’ve been at a job, where you went to school or some other detail. Keep it cute.

Don’t Assume Privacy Settings Will Save You.

You can’t be sure that someone who follows your private account won’t take a screenshot of something you post and share it for the world to see. You can’t be sure these social media sites won’t suddenly change their privacy settings and leave you hanging (Facebook I’m looking at you.) Make sure you’re being smart about what you share no matter what.

So, those are my do’s and don’ts. Tell me yours in the comments and let me know what points you agree and don’t agree with. 

Author: Candice VanWye

I’m the founder of this community and a creative millennial. In my spare time I write on my my personal blog and make youtube videos. I also have a podcast called The Creative Millennial where I interview cool people. I love to eat, hate to cook, and shop too much. Click the buttons below to follow my socials and follow me on snapchat: @candicevanwye

  • Very good tips! It is very hard to keep up with all the social media outlets and it’s good to focus on the ones that you get the most traffic from.

  • No I totally agree!

  • I didn’t do the specific examples because I didn’t want drama lol.

    I agree with both you and @RhythmandRuffle:disqus I do think it’s great to share your personality but when you’re constantly fighting or being negative it’s too much. We all have things that annoy us or that we complain about but I think you should be sharing more positive thoughts or at least starting thought provoking conversations rather than saying you hate this or that.

    I’m trying to tweet more and be more transparent because nobody is perfect.

  • I had to learn that one the hard way.

  • Thanks. Yes! I love to learn more about the person behind the blog — the good, bad & ugly. I love it all, because it’s real. This is a great reminder.

  • I’m here for this comment, Toni. (Although I wouldn’t necessarily say less Tyras) I’m immediately over the dry as a bone bloggers as soon as I come across them. I think we as bloggers should share whatever we are comfortable with, including the random personality quirks and personal ups & downs — a certain level of transparency goes a long a way. Don’t blog if you’re not comfortable getting a bit vulnerable.

    These tips are very helpful Candice (per usual). Even though it’s an oft discussed topic, it’s great to have that consistent reminder of how to maintain our online presence. I think it would be even more beneficial (esp for newbies) to have specific examples of what not to do with each of these points, if that’s possible without calling people out who’d see it and be offended lol.

  • Jennifer Pearson

    I love the idea of not overextending yourself on social media! Be effective in the platforms you’re really active on! Love it!

  • Lizlizo

    These are some great tips. Having a strong online presence is really important these days!

    – Liz

  • Cool! I really like the ‘don’t join every platform just because’ tip. I say, commit to the ones that you really love and soar. As far as sharing too much; I actually dig an online personality/blogger, who is so transparent you feel like you know them, and in turn, you respect them. That comes with having the courage to share your whole person; not just the good parts. Of course, keep it classy. I think “Aspirational Blogging” is so boring and repetitive; even as it has proven to be a huge win, in both the earning and popularity department. I want to see more vulnerability in blogging. I want to see more Oprah’s and less Tyra’s.