The Easiest Way To Make A Header/Logo For Your Blog

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Over the weekend I was asked by email if I would write a post about creating banners since I spoke about not having a crappy one in this post.

She wanted me to show the most basic and easiest way to make a banner for your blog without using photoshop. Keep in mind that I am not a graphic designer. I’m just showing you what has worked for me in the past.

The easiest way that I can think of is PicMonkey.


For the first logo example which is just plain text you will want to go to and click on Design as shown below. You will want to choose the Facebook cover option.

Next you’ll come to this screen which will ask you to choose your canvas cover. I usually choose transparent so that the color doesn’t clash with the background but feel free to choose whatever you want. I do recommend transparent.

Next you will add your text. Play around with color, fonts, sizes, etc. It will more than likely fit in with your template because of the size you chose (unless you’re template needs a square logo in which case choose square instead of Facebook cover.)
There are always exceptions to the rule.

I usually center mine and drag the box to the full vertical length of the transparent rectangle so that it’s centered correctly.

Then you’re done. Hit save, name your logo and upload it to your blog!


The second logo involves pictures because I know some bloggers like to use them in their header.
This time you will want to hit Collage once you’re on
Choose the ducks in a row option so that your header fits properly. I usually do 3 but feel free to play around and use 2 or 4.
Next you will want to upload and drag your pictures to the collage. If you want to get creative on this step you can break one picture into 3 parts or use 3 different pictures. I’m just using one for the sake of this tutorial.

After you have the pictures you want you will click edit.

PicMonkey will ask you to confirm your edit because you can’t go back to change the collage afterwards.
Once you’re in the edit screen you will want to add text to your collage. Similar to the steps in the first logo. Play around with color, size, font, etc to get it to look how you want.
Now you can see that this looks crazy because the white font blends with the background. This usually happens when you’re not using a solid background.
To fix this I add an overlay. I do the overlay after I’ve done my text because it’s hard to edit your text once the overlay is added. I usually choose a rectangle overlay since that’s the shape of the collage. For the purposes of this tutorial mine will be black but make your whatever you’d like.
Next you’re going to spread the overlay over the entire picture so it looks like this.
and then you’ll send the overlay to the back.
It will look like this when you’re finished.
Next you will fade the overlay so you can see your picture. (I forgot to take a screenshot of this step but it’s looks exactly like the image below minus the extra overlay.)
You can stop and save after this step but if you want to take it a step further you can add a second overlay over the text only.

Save and add to your blog.

Hope this helps!

Author: Candice VanWye

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