To Separate Your Blog’s Social Media Accounts From Your Personal Or Not…

While still being fairly green in the blogging atmosphere, I find myself boggled down with some thought provoking decisions. One being the differentiation of my social media accounts.

Before my recent entry into the blogging world, I had already established a small but growing following on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

One would assume that I gained that following simply because I was being myself. Right? That may be true but for some reason I came to the conclusion that I needed to separate “me” from the blogging “me”.

I feel as if I have to monitor posts more closely on my blog accounts in order to protect my brand so the speak. Please don’t mistake me as a crazy wild child, but I just feel there is a difference, you know?

Currently, I am struggling with the idea of combining the two. My thoughts are, what if someone doesn’t care to see my interaction with sorority members or the surprise birthday party that I attended for a long time friend. With my blog focusing on fashion, beauty and few other things sprinkled in between I seem to ponder if the two worlds really do coincide?

Yet, I call my blog a lifestyle blog. If that is indeed true, then why not combine accounts? People follow people because they find an interest in the life or the small piece of lifestyle they are exposed to for the most part. That’s why I click that “FOLLOW” option most times. Otherwise, I’m just on my health kick and need to find a good recipe on a healthy foods Instagram account. After being asked a few times by close friends of mine why the separation, I find myself now second guessing the decision I thought was to be the right one.

Do any of you all feel the need to have separate social media accounts? If you don’t separate your accounts, do you find yourself monitoring your posts for the sake of your brand?

Author: Camille Keith

  • Same

  • Nae

    I’ve struggled with the same question. I have mine separate because what if people that have been following me for years don’t want to see my new blog posts? However, they have the option to follow both and a lot do. I also do it for me. I follow other blogs from my blog account mostly. If I want to see how friends from high school are doing I just switch to my personal account. I think it’s just like any job. At work you’re in work mode, when you leave you’re still a representation however you have more free reign. I do think overtime my personal account may phase out.

  • Unless your blog has become a full-time booming business, there’s no need to, in my opinion. And even then, that’s debatable. The only separation I’d suggest is having a separate Facebook account, so people can interact with your site without you having a bunch of random people you don’t know on your friend’s list on your personal account. A simple “like” for a page is simple enough and gives them all the blog-related info they need.

    Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are more “follow if interested” platforms, there’s really no personal friend’s list, which is great for bloggers! But the real question here isn’t if your personal account-like posts will smudge your blogging brand, more so, “is what I post hurting my personal brand?” You have to remember that your personal brand is just as important as your blog’s because at the end of the day, there’s a real person (or team of people) who’s running it.

    Just remember: Balance is key. No one wants to log onto a timeline with a bunch of links, nor do people care to hear what club you’re going to tonight. B A L A N C E. Sorry for the lonnnnnng comment :)

  • J. Richards (Diva Chronicles)

    When I started blogging seriously, I separated by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have people in my life that would prefer not to be as exposed as I am on and some things I prefer to keep private. Though many people from my private life follow me public accounts to support.

  • I’ve struggled with this for a longgggg time and I still don’t know what I want to do. I’ve been using my personal accounts for 5+ years and my blog accounts are pretty desolate. I have followers, but they’re mostly brands, people I don’t know and a few of my friends here and there. I’d prefer to have it all combined, but I also battle with the idea of separating my personal life from my blog life.

  • I recently separated the two on Twitter and Insta. I only use FB for taking part in groups and literally de-friended all but 20 or so people about a year ago. I thought I hated FB but turns out I hated the way I thought I had to use it. I felt pressured to accept friend requests when really we were never going to speak again and I hated logging and reading random crap I had no interest in. I don’t do small talk in real life, so why tolerate it just because I’m on FB? With FB groups however, I’ve been able to make genuine connections with people about stuff I actually care about. If I didn’t have a blog I wouldn’t be on social media. However, I do like how much information I have access to re: my personal interests via social media. My personal interests are not necessarily linked to my blog theme and sometimes I want to let off steam about topics such as how I feel about black men being slain in the US, and share images and information, however that is not necessarily of any interest to the people who follow my blog. There are also images I want to share with friends, but keep private from the rest of the world. Finally, I like that having separate accounts means I can be authentic without the concern about how it will affect my brand. Great topic of discussion Camille.

  • Ev

    I like to think that people want to read what I write because they are interested in me as a person. Wtbs, I link my IG to my blog because it’s me! It’s authentic, real and who I am. I definitely don’t post anything ratchet, crazy or tmi and I never have because I think you should always treat yourself as a brand and social media doesnt need to be all up in your personal personal life anyway.

  • Haha definitely not girl! We all have our alter egos, why not have a place to unleash it!

  • Glad you said it! HA!!!! Maybe I was just beating around the bush. *kidding* But no seriously…I’m wanting to keep a little bit separate. Like how you present yourself on a job interview…Thanks for commenting Nyree glad the topic was intriguing. I was worried I was alone:/

  • Tammy

    That’s EXACTLY!!! How I feel about my blog Twitter. It isn’t diverse enough for me. People that follow my blog like ME as a person. The good, bad, and sometimes the ugly. When they don’t get that same me across they board it feels less genuine.

  • Nyree Wright

    I was immediately drawn to this post because recently, I was wondering the same thing. I feel like my personal Twitter and Instagram consisted of my raw, inner ratchet self (yes I said inner ratchet lol) and I don’t need to compromise my brand. Therefore, my answer to your question is a definite yes. However I keep my brand social media very professional to the T. c:

  • I think it depends on what find of blogger or website owner you are. Like Brittany said, having one Twitter seems to make the most sense for someone who is a lifestyle blogger. Obviously, posting about whatever you want on niche blogs (business, etc.) isn’t completely prohibited but it has to be a minimum because followers are there mainly for things relating to that niche. If you are lifestyle though, there seems to be more freedom with posting about whatever. At least that how it feels for me. At the end of the day, I think the answer will be different for everybody though. You just kind of have to figure out what’s best for you.

  • Hi Carla! I most definitely want to remain authentic and genuine with my audience. I think that I am just a little more…free…on my personal accounts. lol Just taking a small piece of me out. Almost like how you are with your long time friends vs. the new acquaintances. The good thing is, I have given the “option” to those that follow my personal accounts, to follow my blog’s social media handles. The choice is yours and that way, I’m not forcing a specific group of people to now be into my new venture…if they don’t want to.

  • Thanks for sharing that Tamika. So funny because I would have been “that friend” to say TAKE IT DOWN for sure. I am all about consistency and branding to an audience and believe consumers/readers appreciate that a ton! Did I just answer my own dilemma or naw? lol

  • Jennifer, glad to know I’m not alone! Strategy is definitely a key component. I actually work that way with my personal IG (i.e. posting at prime times, making sure most pics are clear) Still struggling with what to do but I currently love the community I have come to know from separating the two.

  • Hi Brittany! Certainly not the longest comment ever;) I actually just recently created a blog FB page. I’m still kind of “meh” about it. I need to at least get consistent with my IG and Twitter. It’s very possible that I am attempting to tackle too much at once. I LOVE the connection I have received through my blog’s Twitter. Brown Girl Bloggers played a major part in that I will say. Keep you posted on what I decide…still stumped:(

  • Tammy, thanks for reading. I don’t want to censor myself either!!!! lol Although I may need to at times. I wasn’t really that active on my personal Twitter but I find myself more engaged (but still not regularly) on my blog Twitter account. I think it’s because I am more active and engaged with other bloggers. The blogging community is just…different. Still deciding whether or not to merge the two….dilemma:/

  • I have separate accounts. Though maybe that isn’t the right way to put it, since I’m not personally active on social media much, so virtually all of my social media stuff is blog-related. My lifestyle stuff seeps into my blog tweets, and that’s fine. Mostly, I don’t want to combine the accounts because social media use for networking and blog promotion is different. If my friends followed my blog profiles, thinking they were personal, they’d probably end up thinking, “WTF is all of this?”

  • Carla Miranda

    So I think the key is equilibrium and focus. I really think is fine for lifestyle blogs post about parties and dinners and everything similar, I mean this is their focus. But if you are all about fashion/beauty and your posts are 95% lifestyle this won’t work at least for me. It’s important to know that you are image is your branding too. That’s what people follow and look for. If I’m following you because you are a fashion blogger I don’t mind to see your coffee, your family and parties from time to time but I don’t wanna see this everyday.

    You don’t need to be fake, you can just be authentic according to your niche. :)

  • TC’s Views

    You are right. You should consider having a social media accounts specifically for your brand/blog. The key here is to pick what works best for you. I deactivated my Facebook account almost 2 years ago, because of all the racist jabs I saw taking place on my news feed. But now I am contemplating expanding my audience and social media advisers suggest that I head back to Facebook, but have it specifically for my blog, Artz Of Culturez. With a fan or business page you don’t have to accept friend requests and deal with nuances from family drama or unnecessary postings from friends who are bragging about their puppy they brought home or how they feel about race in America, which can get into an ugly heated argument on a personal page.

    I have two twitter accounts, one for my financial journalism day job and one for my blog. My day job twitter I only share a little bit of me with my followers, which are people who I work with and industry sources. My blog twitter on the other hand, I share two more layers of me. Instagram, is where I place most of my random thoughts and I also promote my blog there. It’s a way to let my friends/family know what I’ve been up to so I don’t have to tell them when I do see them. If they don’t care, they can just scroll on by…no pressure to double tap the little red heart.

    As I gain more Instagram followers (non family/friends) I will limit my random thoughts because you never know who’s watching/reading. I actually had a journo friend call me to tell me to take down a random thought from my blog twitter account. “Tamika, you’re building a name for yourself on a new platform of journalism. Take it down! NOW!” … and i did.

    As a journalist, and for some bloggers, reputation is everything and we have to watch what we say because the wrong words can tarnish our image and our digital branding.

    In the end you have to figure out where and who you want to share your blog postings with.

    Keep us posted on what you decide.

  • OOh…good question! I’ve been struggling with the same thought.

    I’ve decided to keep mine separate though. My blog isn’t one about lifestyle. I help coaches and workshop leaders package their expertise into online courses and ebooks. But, I’ve sparated my personal accounts because I love to participate in challenges. Like right now, I’m participating in a Bikini Challenge. I really don’t want to flood my blog account with images of healthy foods and workout photos.

    I am aware, though, of showing glimpses of my life on my blog account. So, it’s a matter of adding those to the mix in a way that is both engaging and strategic.

  • Your Friend Brittany

    When I started blogging (on a previous blog) I tried the separate Twitter accounts thing because of advice from a friend who was in marketing. My personal twitter at the time had almost 1,000 followers and I thought it would be better to just combine them but she said from a marketing standpoint I needed a separate account for my blog. I did it for about a year but I never really felt any connection with that blog twitter. I also felt like I had to constantly watch what I was posting and make sure to only post blog or fashion related things and I started to feel like my blog Twitter was a fake representation of me. After taking some time off and getting back into blogging I decided I’d have one Twitter and Instagram and then a separate Facebook page and I think this works. I realize that if you are a business this may not necessarily work but as a lifestyle blogger I wanted one Twitter account that was an authentic representation of me. I think ultimately it’s a personal decision but I find that I enjoy the twitter accounts of bloggers who seem to only have the one account and can balance posting about their blog and blogging topics but also sharing their own personal interests.

    P.S. Longest comment ever, sorry!!

  • Tammy

    I had this same dilemma. I decided to keep my personal IG but change the name to my blog name and create a new Twitter for my blog. People are interested in my life on IG. It makes me more relatable and I don’t come off as a cyber robot that only posts clothes and shoes. My personal Twitter had far more followers than does my “blog Twitter” because I was just myself with my unfiltered personality. Having the “blog Twitter” I censor and filter myself but I don’t like it lol.