To Separate Your Blog’s Social Media Accounts From Your Personal Or Not…

While still being fairly green in the blogging atmosphere, I find myself boggled down with some thought provoking decisions. One being the differentiation of my social media accounts.

Before my recent entry into the blogging world, I had already established a small but growing following on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

One would assume that I gained that following simply because I was being myself. Right? That may be true but for some reason I came to the conclusion that I needed to separate “me” from the blogging “me”.

I feel as if I have to monitor posts more closely on my blog accounts in order to protect my brand so the speak. Please don’t mistake me as a crazy wild child, but I just feel there is a difference, you know?

Currently, I am struggling with the idea of combining the two. My thoughts are, what if someone doesn’t care to see my interaction with sorority members or the surprise birthday party that I attended for a long time friend. With my blog focusing on fashion, beauty and few other things sprinkled in between I seem to ponder if the two worlds really do coincide?

Yet, I call my blog a lifestyle blog. If that is indeed true, then why not combine accounts? People follow people because they find an interest in the life or the small piece of lifestyle they are exposed to for the most part. That’s why I click that “FOLLOW” option most times. Otherwise, I’m just on my health kick and need to find a good recipe on a healthy foods Instagram account. After being asked a few times by close friends of mine why the separation, I find myself now second guessing the decision I thought was to be the right one.

Do any of you all feel the need to have separate social media accounts? If you don’t separate your accounts, do you find yourself monitoring your posts for the sake of your brand?