What Type of Blog Posts Do You Skip Over?

Let’s face it: All blog posts are not created equal and not all blog posts are worth reading. I can admit there are posts that I’m simply not that interested in reading and it doesn’t matter to me if the post was written by my favorite blogger…I will not click the “Read More” link.

Below are three types of blog posts that I almost always skip over.

Posts About Babies and Pets

I don’t mean to be mean and I don’t mean to offend those of you reading who have children or pets…but, I never read posts about either subject. This is likely due to the fact that I’ve never owned a pet and I’m not a mom. I just don’t care to read a post about the cool stunt your dog or cat did over the weekend or the new word your kid learned how to say last week.

Posts Profiling Other Bloggers

Given that Candice is on a mission to bring as many Brown Girl Bloggers to the forefront as she possibly can with the Blogger Spotlight series, this is one that I should probably keep to myself. But we’re family here and I can keep it real with y’all. And truthfully speaking, I personally prefer to come across blogs and bloggers organically as possible. So, I tend to skip over posts that profile other bloggers because they don’t hold my attention. The profiler usually asks the same series of questions (e.g. Why did you start blogging? or How do you stay organized?) and the blogger being profiled usually gives the same responses (e.g. I started blogging to inspire others to follow their passion. I stay organized by using an editorial calendar.). Next post please!

Posts Curated from Pinterest

I get it — sometimes you’re fresh out of ideas for blog posts and you think the smart thing to do is curate a blog post featuring all the fabulous and fly natural hairstyles (or shoes, or handbags, or recipes, etc.) you’ve recently spotted on Pinterest. But, here’s the thing: If I follow you on Pinterest, chances are I’ve already seen and possibly repinned most of these images myself so I don’t care to see them in a blog post. If you’re doing this for the sake of just having a new blog post up, you should probably skip posting for that day. Just a suggestion.

Your turn! What type of blog posts do you tend to skip over? We want to know so leave a comment below.

Author: Drea Hall

Drea is a Chicago-based freelance writer and lifestyle blogger at The Drea Daily. She’s obsessed with coffee, books and blogs, handbags, and lipstick. When she’s not blogging, you can likely catch her tweeting about something on Twitter @DreaEHall.

  • I skip over any post that is just pictures, because like the other comments said, I want to find out the writer’s view. It seems like lazy blogging to me

  • I think I’m not into pinterest posts because I’m not at all into pinterest. But if there was something that was particularly captivating about your board, I might click “read more” link and check the post out. Thanks for reading, Jen!

  • I could definitely see how reading other wedding blogs could become overwhelming because not only are you creating that type of content but you’re also consuming it. Thanks for reading and sharing, Gee.

  • hahahahah such an honest post. For me, as a wedding blogger I tend to sometimes get overwhelmed with wedding inspiration and sometimes I just need posts that are more personal to the blogger. I also skip pets and children post and I think it’s same reason as you; never having pets or children.

  • I’m crying real tears at *slinks away.* So funny!! Thanks for reading.

  • Jen

    This is a great list that is so true! I don’t like those “enter into this giveaway!” posts. I know that they sometimes financially help the blog, but they seem a bit gimmicky to me and sometimes I see some bloggers take up a bunch of space just to tack a giveaway at the end of the post and spend little time on the actual post. But yes, I don’t read baby, pet, and even some relationship advice posts, that is unless it’s something that draws me in. It just depends.

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I do Pinterest posts :-/ It’s not often, but sometimes when I create a new board I’m excited about I make a post of my favorite pics with a little bit about why I created the board/why you should follow it, and photo credits, if there are any. Maybe I should re-think that…*slinks away*

  • I agree – a Q&A that takes the conversational route is best.

  • I do as well! With guest features, I prefer when the questions aren’t so much a standard Q&A survey, but conversational and unique to whoever is being featured.

  • You’re welcome hun! I followed you on IG :) Would love for you to check out my blog if you want (@baydiangirl on IG). My goal is to incorporate the scarves I design in my everyday attire :) Good luck hun!

  • You’ve given me something to think about. I consider my blog a lifestyle blog but only because I blog about my personal life and style, so you’re guaranteed to get my personal thoughts about a range of topics. I think I should spend some time figuring out a way to creatively explain what my blog is about instead of calling it a lifestyle blog.

    Thanks, Tamara!

  • I like product reviews that the person bought. If it’s sponsored, I’m less likely to read it. Or, if the blogger is one whose opinion I trust, then I’ll read it. Re: blogs with too much text – I’ll read if it’s on a good topic and if the text is broken up, like Candice said.

  • This is my daily struggle! Writing for BGB has helped with this.

  • Nope. I have pretty thick skin as long as criticism is constructive. I like it when people help me to become better.

  • I don’t like it when bloggers use a “corporate tone.”

  • I skip over too much text too! I feel bad because I LOVE to read but I don’t go on blogs to read novels. The only exception is if they’re covering a really good topic or current event. I think blog writing should be broken up.

  • LOVE This post — #keepitreal I actually like blogs that profile other bloggers. I find myself at least looking at their blog and I generally get some inspiration even if we dont blog about the same thing. I skip over blogs that are two long or have two much text and don’t bullet or highlight what the blog is “really” about. I also stay away from product reviews.

  • Very very true! We aren’t going to be that different from each other. I guess I like bloggers who are very clear about what their blogging goal is. For example, fashion on a dime or thrift shopping, etc. If I know what their blogging purpose is from their description, I’m more inclined to read their blog. If it just says, lifestyle blogger or fashion blogger, I may not try to find out what their about, simply because I don’t have the time lol

  • Some of the long ones be worth the read sometimes. But I feel you – if the first paragraph or so doesn’t hold your attention, there’s probably no point in reading the whole thing.

  • The Beaut Blogger

    i skip over those that look long and drawn out and don’t catch my attention from the start. I also look towards the ones that are geared towards my interests or that seem like they will educate me on something I’m not aware of. I like to see other’s personal views.

  • Yes, I hope this post will get people to think about what kinds of posts they’re writing and why. Like, if you honestly don’t care about makeup or fashion – don’t write about those things. Write about what you (1) know and (2) love. Then, get creative and find a way to take your passion and knowledge for those topics and write about them a little differently than other bloggers do. Easier said than done, but it is possible.

  • I complain a lot about the blogosphere lacking originality. I understand it, though. Many of us start off blogging because we saw other blogs we liked and so when we start our own, naturally, we try to imitate those bloggers/blogs to a tee because we loved their blogging style so much . I wonder how does one be original in this day and age? We’re all kind of reinventing the wheel to an extent…

  • True! I’ve come across bloggers that lack in personality and originality in their blog posts. It’s those types of blogs that I never return to. If you don’t hook me right away, I leave…

  • Hmmm this is a tough question! I love blog posts that have to do with something I can relate to. But most of all, I like to see and read about unique perspectives on life and fashion. Therefore, if someone is the same as everyone else, I probably won’t read their blog or follow them on Instagram.

  • Clare Blacc

    The blog posts I usually skip over are the ones that I feel don’t give me insight into the personality of the blogger. Although some bloggers aim to start careers from their blog, I think they sometime take it too serious and it comes off in their writing, making their voices not sound as exciting as they’d hoped. Which sucks but hey.

  • I tend to skip over the ones that don’t fit my lifestyle much like you do. This would include kids, pets, makeup, and blogger features that don’t feature a blogger that I am curious to know about. I enjoy this post because while these topics may seem banal, I see this post encouraging folks to think outside of the box in writing and portraying these topics which could possibly lure in readers who would otherwise not read it in the first place.

  • Whew – glad you didn’t find that offensive. I was a bit worried. :)

  • Thanks, Camille! I don’t mean to knock all blogger profile posts because I think some are wonderfully done and are useful to an extent. But, they are not my favorite type of post because I rarely leave the post thinking: “Yeah, I want to get to know this blogger better.” And I think it’s because the same types of questions are being asked and in turn, bloggers are giving the same types of responses. It’s all too predictable.

  • Ditto about wanting to come across people organically! That’s how I found out about you. I was perusing my Twitter and I think L’oreal retweeted something you posted about a lipstick and BOOM…Blogging buddies. Good post Drea…always keeping it real;)

  • After the blogger spotlights that are in the queue I want too find a new way to do them so this doesn’t bother me at all.