Gentle Reminder: How To Update Old Blog Posts

I’ve been going through the archives and updating posts for the past month and it’s been a lot! I created BGB in 2014 so as you can imagine there were a ton of old posts I had to delete or update. It’s something I like to do once a year because somehow I still catch old mistakes and my opinion (or even the way things work) changes all the time. If you’ve had your blog for a year or more you should be updating your old posts as part of your regular blog maintenance. 

Why you should upgrade your old posts.

I have three main reasons for updating posts. The first is that my opinions on things have changed. There are a lot of things that I said or recommended that I don’t agree with anymore. To update these opinions I either change the outdated information or delete the post entirely. Sometimes I have plans to create something new but other times I just let it go. It’s kind of like a time machine to see the way I used to think about things or to see the way I used to do things.

The second thing I’m looking for is broken links. I’ve changed the permalinks on this blog a few times and we also migrated from Blogger to WordPress so there were more than a few. I also linked to blogs that don’t exist anymore which is the nature of the beast when you promote small bloggers like we do over here.

The third reason is to make sure my design is consistent. I’ve changed the design of this blog a million times and honestly another change is coming soon so I have to stay on top of that.

Which posts you should focus on first.

If you’ve had your blog for more than a few years you probably have way too many posts to focus on in one sitting so I recommend going through and updating your posts once a week or whatever works for you. Focus on your high traffic posts first so that new visitors always see the best from you right away. You can check your highest traffic posts by looking at your Google Analytics. Next, you should focus on your evergreen posts or those posts that stay relevant no matter what as those are the posts you should be continuously sharing on social media.

How to update your old posts. 

Here are a few ways to update your old posts:

Start by looking at your titles and URLs and making sure they’re relevant. I don’t always make my URL the same as the post title because I never want long URLs so simplify those if you can.

Update the information in your posts by making sure your links work, your opinions are still the same, and the facts add up. If more relevant information has come out add that to the post and share it on social media right away. Make sure you’re proofreading for mistakes as well and that you add relevant keywords.

Add related posts even if your theme does this for you or you’re using a plugin for it. You’ll always add more relevant related posts than an algorithm.

If Pinterest is a big part of your strategy you need to make sure you use Pinterest friendly images.

Alright ladies those are my tips. I might be missing a few things so if I am add those in the comments!

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