Vision Boards: How to Maintain Momentum Throughout Your Year

As mentioned in 10 Tips to Help You Prep for 2015, vision boards are the perfect tool to visualize your goals and keep them on your radar throughout the year. Vision boards have been popular for years, but the trend has recently spread like wildfire in the blogging community due to their effectiveness. Whether your goal is to write a best-selling novel, get married, finish your degree, start a blog, or all of the above – you can use a vision board to help layout your aspirations. Getting them out of your head and onto a board allows you to focus on how to reach your goals.

I recently attended a vision board workshop in New York City, led by Life Coach and Chief Activator Lucinda Cross. Fresh out of January’s issue of Essence, and a few days after her appearance on the Today Show with Tamron Hall, Lucinda offered her guidance to a room full of ambitious black female entrepreneurs. During the event I took about 6 pages of notes (my notebook is small!!) and I’m happy to share some valuable tips to keep in mind when creating your own vision board.

Include Your Friends

Two is better than one, and three is better than two. You get the idea; invite a couple of friends over. This generation of entrepreneurs is thirsty for connections, set up a small networking opportunity by reaching out to other bloggers in your area. Have everyone bring a few old magazines, and their own scissors/glue. Allow yourself to be inspired by what your girlfriends want to achieve. The support and encouragement you give to others comes back to you tenfold so don’t hold back. The biggest take away from Lucinda’s event was this message: girls compete with each other, women empower one another.

Come Prepared

I have so many goals I didn’t know where to start with my vision board. Was I only visualizing what I want out of 2015, or should this go beyond that? Then I remembered my list of goals I created for this year. Before sitting down with your magazines and scissors make a short list of both short term and long term goals, to guide you through the collage process.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to your vision board. No two boards will look the same. Some people prefer to use images, while words have more meaning to others. When choosing images, try to make sure it triggers an emotion that will motivate you to act. When selecting words, try to include only those with a positive message (you don’t need any negativity in your life). Don’t compare your board to anyone else’s, just focus on creating a visual guide to what YOU want to achieve. Your vision board should remain a living document, changing as you grow and your goals shift.

Commit to Your Vision

The vision board you create doesn’t work unless you work. Pasting images to a board isn’t going to magically make opportunities appear within your reach. Those opportunities are already there, creating this board should encourage you to work towards them every day.  Make sure your board is placed somewhere visible to you as a daily reminder of what you want. There are 365 days in a year, start each one with your vision in mind.

Are you a vision board veteran? Have you found success with creating a yearly vision board? What is your biggest goal for the year? How are you going to achieve it?

Ashley Larmond is the creator of Quarter Life Realness, a blog keeping it real for twentysomethings. She has a love-hate relationship with NYC, tequila and her natural hair.