WCW Series: Andréa Butler Editor in Chief Of Sesi Magazine

As a teenager I was obsessed with Seventeen and Teen Vogue. I had a subscription to both magazines and couldn’t wait until they arrived each month. I loved flipping through the pages and studying the style and articles. One thing that I didn’t love was the lack of diversity. I remember going through the pages and looking for the token black girl so I could root her on and being disappointed that I had to search so hard.

Having experiences like that and noticing a lack of diversity has been a theme in my life for a long time which is how I came to create BGB. I noticed a lack of diversity and instead of begging for inclusion I decided to make a safe place for minority women myself.

Andréa Butler, creator of Sesi Magazine felt much of the same. She got the idea to start Sesi Magazine in high school after reading mainstream magazines and not seeing other girls that looked like her. She took a few detours (college, grad school, other jobs) before officially launching in 2012 but, the quarterly print magazine has been going strong ever since.


When I asked Andréa about her favorite part of creating Sesi Mag she said she loves the freedom that working on it affords her. She is able to create positive images for black girls and work for herself which has been her dream for a long time.

Andréa wants black girls reading the magazine to know that they are just as important as anyone else. She wants them to celebrate everything about themselves from their hair texture to their skin tone and their culture.

The advice she has for anyone who wants to start a business aimed at minority women is to do your research and really understand the industry you’re going into. Although it’s going to be a struggle and the people in that industry might not understand your vision you have to stay committed. Most people give up right before their breakthrough.

I love that Sesi Magazine is getting young black stars involved as well. Just a few weeks ago Marcus Scribner from Black-ish took over their Snapchat which I’m sure delighted all the teenage girls who follow the magazine.

It’s so inspiring to see a black woman step out on her own and create something positive for our community.

A Sesi Magazine subscription would make an amazing holiday gift for the pre-teen or teenage girl in your life. Even if you’re not a teenager you’d probably enjoy supporting the magazine too. If you’d like to learn more about Sesi Magazine or purchase a subscription (it’s only $10!) click here.

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