The About Page: Why Your Story Matters

When someone stumbles across your blog one of the first things they’re going to do is go to your about page. As a potential fan they want to know why you started your blog, who you are and if they can make a personal connection with you. Your about page should tell that story and show your audience why they should care about what you have to say.

I’ve noticed that we tend to only scratch the surface. A lot of about pages only say something to the effective of “I’m a girl, I like XYZ and I want to share my passions with the world.

Unfortunately that isn’t enough. It’s not enough to say your name and your hobbies. Your about page should tell a story and let us know why we should invest in you!

Here are a few suggestions:

Have a photo (or several) so that we can put a face to a name.

I know that some of you want to hide your blog from you boss, church members or even your family but I hate to see a blog with no pictures of the person writing it. This only alienates your audience and makes you less relatable. How can we trust you if you aren’t showing your face?

If your blog is something that you have to hide it might be time to rethink it.

Use a name even if it’s a pen name.

I know several bloggers who use pen names to make their blogs less detectable or because they think their name is boring. It’s really off putting when I have no idea what to call a blogger. If you’re just noticing that your about page doesn’t have a name or that all of your posts are written by Admin maybe you should change that.

Include details.

Let us know what you want out of life and why you started blogging. If you only started blogging because all the cool kids were doing it this will fall flat, but if you have a purpose for your blog this is where you will shine. I always tell bloggers that they have to dig deep for that purpose. It makes a difference.

Tell A Story.

Make us care about you. Why should we visit your blog every week?

What elements do you think add to the about page story?

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